Here you will find various datasets and corpora, which were created with MAIN.

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  • Narrative abilities in “left-behind” ethnic minority children in China: Evidence from Kam-Mandarin bilingual children

    This deposit is part of the result of the project on narrative abilities in left-behind Kam-Mandarin bilingual children funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation between 2020 and 2022. This is a collaborative work of the principal investigator Wenchun Yang, Co-Investigators Angel Chan and Natalia Gagarina, and a group of native speakers who were involved in the data collection and transcription. The deposit consists of transcriptions of stories from left-behind Kam-Mandarin bilingual children aged 5 to 9. Forty stories were elicited by using the Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives (MAIN), 20 in Kam and 20 in Mandarin.
    More information: http:/​/​​2196/​k6970w8o-5q3e-7699–9042–g15b2s31667x