MAIN materials

How to test MAIN

Here you can find videos and audios available for free download. More materials will be provided in the future.

How to use MAIN

Before using MAIN, please see the chapter »Background on MAIN Revised, how to use it and adapt it to other languages«

If you want to use MAIN, you have to accept Copyright and License Agreement for MAIN: Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives – Revised. After that you can download the pictures and guidelines/​protocols in various languages. In addition, powerpoint presentations and instructions for online MAIN testing are available for download: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – ZAS Version, Slovak version, ZAS version.

MAIN logos

The MAIN logos, designed by the author of pictures, Loreta Valantiejiene, are available now for free download (you can also see them in the picture gallery). There are two versions: one with a transparent background and one with an olive green background. The colors of letters correspond to the main colors used in the MAIN stories. Please use these logos in your MAIN related activities to increase the visibility of MAIN.