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  • Adapting MAIN to Bosnian

    The project of adapting MAIN to Bosnian was initiated in January 2021 by Dr. Perović. It is a language spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This adaptation closely follows the Serbian version of MAIN – MTPN (Jeličić et al., 2020) as Bosnian is closely related to Serbian (and Croatian). Until recently, these languages were subsumed under the name Serbo-Croatian. Research of narratives in Bosnian is practically non-existent, both with monolinguals and bilinguals. During this project, data will be collected from two groups of participants: Bosnian monolingual adults and Bosnian heritage adult speakers in Germany. As this project also functions as a master’s thesis for the European Master’s in Clinical Linguistics+ program, a closer analysis of nominal morphology in the narratives of Bosnian heritage speakers will be performed.