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  • Macrostructure Components in Narration of Kurmanji-Turkish Bilinguals and Turkish Monolinguals

    The data of the project was collected in Turkey but the project was conducted in HablaLab, University of California, Irvine, USA. The researchers involved in the project were; Seda Esersin, Dr. Elizabeth D. Peña, Dr. Mine Dogucu, Dr. A. Müge Tunçer and Dr. İlknur Maviş. The Project started in May, 2019 and the paper is getting ready to be submitted in 2 months. The resource used to fund the Project was the monthly payment to the first author from the Anadolu University. The goals of the Project were to analyze macrostructure components in Kurmanji-Turkish bilingual children and compare them to the Turkish monolingual peers. Thus, 65 (typically developed) children were included in the study. 35 children were Turkish monolinguals and 30 were Kurmanji-Turkish bilinguals. There were 3 age groups: 4, 5, 6.