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  • Investigation of Diagnostic validity of MAIN, CL-NWRT and PaBiQ in German-Turkish Bilinguals and Turkish Monolinguals

    The monolingual data of the project was collected in Turkey, the bilingual data is planned to be collected in Germany. The project started in Anadolu University, Turkey in 2020 and will be completed in ZAS, Germany. The researchers involved in the project are; Seda Esersin, Dr. A. Müge Tunçer, Dr. İlknur Maviş and Natalia Gagarina. The resource used to fund the Project was the monthly payment to the first author from the Anadolu University. The goals of the Project are to investigate the diagnostic validity of MAIN, CL-NWRT and PaBiQ in German-Turkish bilinguals and Turkish monolinguals. Thus, in total 120 bilingual and monolingual children (60 typically developed, 60 with a language disorder) will be included in the study. There are 3 age groups: 4, 5, 6.