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  • Remote Online Language Assessment: Comparison of The Narrative Skills of Monolingual Turkish Speaking Children with Typical Development and Developmental Language Disorder Through MAIN-TR

    The data of the project was collected in Turkey. The researchers involved in the project are; Semra Selvi-Balo and Dr. İlknur Maviş. The project started in Anadolu University, Turkey in 2020 and the data is ready to be analyzed. The resource used to fund the project was the monthly payment to the first author from the Anadolu University. The goals of the project were to analyze macrostructural components in Turkish monolingual children with typical development and developmental language disorder, and to compare them with each other. The research group of this project consists of a total of 128 children aged 45–89 months; monolingual Turkish speaking children with typical development (n=96) and developmental language disorder (n=32). MAIN-TR was conducted in three elicitation modes (retell, tell, model story) and comprehension questions were asked to the children following these modes. All the stories (The Cat, The Dog, The Baby Birds & The Baby Goats) were conducted in the study. Data were transcribed and scored. The statistical analyzes will be carried out soon.